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Walla Walla

Welcome to Walla Walla

With a population of 33,340, Walla Walla is the largest city in Walla Walla County. The city of Walla Walla makes over half of the population in the county and is the county seat.1 In 2015, Walla Walla made the 15 Most Underrated Cities in the USA list and named one of the 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Washington2. The Walla Walla Valley has become home to one of the finest wine regions in the nation. Walla Walla is a native American name that means “Place of Many Waters” although many locals call it the “town so nice they named it twice.” Let’s see why you should be thinking of relocating to Walla Walla.


Walla Walla has a diverse industrial makeup. The primary sectors are: agriculture (mainly wheat, asparagus, potatoes & sweet onion and of course the wine industry), health care, manufacturing, retail trade and government/educational services. The wine industry generates over $100 million to the valley annually.


In the first quarter of 2017, the median resale value of homes in Walla Walla County was $209,800 increasing from $178,500 or 18% since the first quarter of the 2007.1


The Walla Walla Farmers Market draws a large regional crowd and provides an outlet for farmers selling fresh produce. The market, located in the downtown area, is open from May to October each year. In the summer, locals watch the Walla Walla Sweets, a professionally operated baseball club in the West Coast League. Residents take part in the monthly “Sip & Stroll” where they stroll, sip wine, and shop in downtown area. Or take in a concert on Friday & Saturday nights on the Plaza. Many locals enjoy cycling and golfing. There are many events surrounding the wine industry throughout the year. In the winter, residents enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other cold-weather activities at two nearby ski resorts.

Recreation & Tourism

There is plenty to do in Walla Walla besides wine tasting. There are history and art museums to visit. There is live cinema and There are plenty of rural farm roads, mountainous trails and flat lands to cycle on. There are over 600 acres of public parks to explore, hike, birdwatch, and play on. The pro-style BMX track hosts competitions all year. Golfing also can be played almost year-round and Wine Valley Golf Club was ranked #5 on Golf Magazine’s “Best New Golf Courses.”2

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